When a death occurs, it is a difficult time for everyone. We are here to help you and make the process of registering the death as simple and easy as possible.

Registering a death

You must book an appointment to register a death.

You must register a death within five days unless the coroner is involved.

If you are registering a death which occurred outside Kirklees we send the details to the district where it occurred. They are responsible for issuing a death certificate and paperwork for the funeral.


There is no cost to register a death

Book an appointment to register a death

Fill in our online form

Clock Completing this form takes around 15 minutes.

Paperclip You must have the medical certificate of cause of death unless the coroner has advised this isn't needed.

Book appointment

After you've booked

You will have a date, time and location to attend to register the death.

At your appointment

What you receive

You will receive a burial/cremation (green) form.

You may buy death certificates at registration for £4 each.

Who should attend

You must be:

  • a relative of the deceased;
  • or an adult present at the death;
  • or a person arranging the funeral (not the funeral director)

In certain circumstances other people may be able to register a death. For advice contact the register office.

What to bring
  • Medical certificate of death issued by a doctor, unless a coroner has advised you that one isn't needed
  • When and where the death happened
  • Full name and surname
  • Full address
  • Date and place of birth
  • Last known occupation
  • If the person who has died was married, a widower or widow, the full names and occupation of their spouse.

If easily available, bring these:

  • Deceased's birth certificate, marriage or civil partnership certificate (if applicable)
  • Deceased's medical card (NHS Card)

Let the registrar know if the deceased received a pension or allowance from public funds, for instance the civil service or army pension.

Tell us once

You can choose to use the Tell us once service, which notifies multiple local and national government agencies on your behalf.