Driver training schemes are an alternative to being fined, receiving points on your licence or going to court. Courses cost between £90 and £145.

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Paperclip You will need your driving licence number to log in, if you are rebooking your course you will also need your booking reference.

Book online

There are a number of venues where the schemes are held and you can find out which one is closest to you, by entering your address and viewing the directions.

Types of courses

  • Offered to drivers who have been caught speeding by a fixed or mobile camera
  • The course is an alternative to the driver having 3 points on their licence and a fine
  • Offered to drivers who have been involved in a collision (committed a Section 3 offence)
  • The course aims to change driver attitude and behaviour
  • Offered to motorbike riders who have been involved in a collision (committed a Section3 offence), or committed a speeding offence.
  • The course aims to change driver attitude and behaviour to riding a motorbike
  • Offered to drivers who have committed minor driving offences which have justified the issuing of a fixed penalty notice
  • The course aims to raise awareness of driving skills deficits and start the process of addressing them
  • Offered to drivers who have committed certain road traffic offences, e.g. using a mobile phone whilst driving or jumping a red traffic light.
  • Clients are given the opportunity to attend a course as an alternative to prosecution which has justified the issuing of a fixed penalty notice.

How courses operate and who can attend

  • We deliver driver improvement courses on behalf of West Yorkshire Police
  • They aim to change driver behaviour and attitude
  • You must have committed an offence to attend a course
  • If you think you are not guilty you need to talk to the police authority who have offered you the course
  • If your offence was outside West Yorkshire you can still book onto one of our courses. The police give you details of all course providers nationally.
  • Courses run Monday to Saturday with a mixture of morning, afternoon and evening courses.
  • You are only allowed to attend one course in a 3 year period
  • If you commit an offence again within 3 years, you have to pay a fine and have points on your licence
  • Courses are delivered by qualified driving instructors
  • Instructors are trained, monitored and licenced by the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS)
  • There is no test
  • Refreshments are provided
  • There could be up to 24 people on a course
  • You must bring a valid driving licence
  • We can accept a photocard licence with a current photograph or an old style paper licence with an additional form of photographic identification like a passport
  • We can accommodate special needs
  • If you book online, tick the special needs box and enter some details. We will email or ring you to discuss your needs
  • We can arrange an interpreter one for you or you can bring somebody over 16 along with you
  • Let us know in advanced or they may not be allowed to attend with you
  • We can also organise sign language interpreters
  • If you are late you will not be allowed to attend. You will have to pay a rearrangement fee to rebook

Other course providers

To rearrange or cancel your course

  • You can rebook your course online. You will need your driving licence number and booking reference to log on.
  • If you cancel within 5 days of the course date you will be charged a short notice rebooking fee.
  • If you cancel more than 5 days in advance you don't pay anything extra.
  • If you no longer wish to attend a course we will return your details to the police. You will then be issued with a fine and the points on your licence.

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