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Conservation and design

Planning ( Last updated - May 2011

About the Kirklees area

Kirklees covers a large area of West Yorkshire and embraces a wide variety of rural and urban landscapes.

To the west, the area is mainly rural and agricultural with an undulating hilly landscape rising into the wilder foothills of the Pennine range. The area is characterised by small towns and villages set into the rural landscape. The area is rich in historic farmhouses, barns and weavers' cottages.

To the east, the area is more urban with the towns and settlements in close proximity; but there are significant tracts of farmland between them. During the nineteenth century, the local economy prospered mainly on the processing of wool. As a consequence, the area is particularly rich in historic mills, commercial buildings and churches. The urban areas possess a long and significant history stretching into medieval times.

Kirklees is uniquely fortunate in retaining much of its rich architectural legacy and local distinctive character. There are 59 conservation areas and about 3,000 entries in the statutory lists referring to approximately 4,500 properties. Indeed, Huddersfield possesses more listed buildings than any other town in England except Bath. In Kirklees, the quality of the urban townscape is exceedingly high and provides a strong foundation for future prosperity and quality of living.

Conservation and design contacts

To speak to an officer about planning, conservation, trees or highways

We operate an appointments system. To make an appointment please contact Kirklees Direct on 01484 414746 or email .

Computers are available in Huddersfield Customer Service Centre to view plans and research planning information: opening times 9-5 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 10-5 on Thursdays.