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Housing help and advice

Housing Solutions Service (

Experiencing problems with rent or mortgage arrears


If you are unable to pay your rent or your mortgage you should get advice as soon as possible. Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up payments. One of the places that can help is Kirklees Citizens Advice Bureau . You can make an appointment with Kirklees Housing Solutions at either Dewsbury or Huddersfield, if you believe your home is at risk due to rent or mortgage arrears. We would advise you do this as soon as possible, to avoid the situation becoming worse. You can telephone 01484 221350 to make an appointment or get some advice over the telephone about such problems.

What will happen at my appointment?

We will go through an assessment of your financial assessment. If court proceedings are already underway against you, we may take immediate action by referring you on to Fusion Housing. Fusion housing may be able to help you appeal against court proceedings, to get you more time to resolve your housing situation. Fusion can also help you at earlier stages of your arrears problems. The next usual step is to refer you on to Kirklees Citizens Advice Bureau, who will work with you to produce a ‘Common Financial Statement’ which will give you a clear overview of your finances. We or Citizens Advice will then look to negotiate with your lender or landlord if appropriate to see if a payment arrangement can be agreed. Where appropriate we will signpost you to other specialist debt or legal advice services.

What if I am a KNH Tenant?

If you are a KNH Tenant, please visit this section of the KNH website for further information around resolving rent arrears issues.

What should I bring to my appointment?

You will need to bring documents relating to your income (benefits, wages etc) and expenses (bank statements, bills etc). You should also bring your latest rent/mortgage statement.

I have a possession order/warrant of eviction from the Court – is it too late?

No. Until the bailiffs have actually changed the locks we may still be able to assist you to save your home. If you have paperwork from the Court please see us as soon as possible.

Are you able to pay off my arrears?

In most cases we are not able to pay off arrears. However, we can assist you to make claims for any benefits you are entitled to such as Local Housing Allowance, Housing Benefit and Support for Mortgage Interest. If appropriate, we can also assist you in making a claim for Discretionary Housing Payments.

Young People & Support

For young people aged between 16 - 24, the Young People & Support Team are very experienced in working with young people, we want to help you sort out any problems you’re experiencing with accommodation.

What can I expect?

A disagreement with a parent/carer is the biggest cause of homelessness for young people. We offer:

  • family mediation to help resolve conflict
  • support to keep you in your home

If we aren’t able to resolve your housing issue we may be able to offer:

  • short term supported accommodation
  • 24 hour support
  • fully furnished single bedroom with en-suite facilities
  • shared use of kitchen, living areas and laundry
  • support around a range of independent living skills such as;
    • budgeting
    • shopping
    • cleaning
    • cooking
    • getting involved in your local community

We also offer:

  • advice on your housing options
  • help with other issues such as education, employment and training.
  • tenancy support
  • drop-in support services
  • work with local High Schools to raise awareness of the impact of homelessness on young people